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A Charming Tale of Rainbow Snot

28 Oct

Much like mice that harbor bedbugs, children are the carriers all things bacterial, viral, and otherwise bad for health. Plus, they give me heart attacks. Since I started teaching preschool (again) (mistake) barely two months ago, I have been sick with a variety of illnesses afflicting nearly all parts of the body…including heart attacks. I’m fairly sure that I’ve had up to seven heart attacks a day since September.  Oh, and did I mention that I’m not even technically teaching?

Oh, okay, let me clarify. I’m assisting. And by assisting I mean things like this happen: the actual teacher and I are standing within equal distance of a child with rainbow mucous streaming down her face. Actual teacher says to assistant teacher, “Oh, could you help her wipe her nose?” (oh, by the way, why me?) No. Because helping her makes exposure to the rainbow snot plus the possibility of being covered in it a sure bet.  Not to mention that I am already internally vomiting by seeing it slugbubble out of her nose. No.

By “help her” actual teacher means “do it for her” which means? Now I am contaminated. Because even though I feel like saying a big fat overemphasized “NO!” I do it. And while I wipe and cringe, rainbow snot germs crawl into my pores, disperse through my veins and hitch directly into my lungs where they send out all of the rainbow army into every area of my body that can produce and store large amounts of phlegm. Plus I have three heart attacks right then because I know what is happening. I know what that freaking rainbow snot army is up to.

It doesn’t matter how many times I scrub my hands. Or how many times the little ones scrub their hands. The concept of germs with children does not compute. If they can’t see the germs (i.e. the snot, the pee, the poo, the GERMS!) it does not require washing. The only thing kids believe in that they can’t see is Santa Claus. Because he brings presents. But invisible germs make you sneeze and cough and feel yucky?! No way.

So the wee one in question is finally coerced to wash her little fingers and pat them dry…and ahhhhhhhh, she snakes one little pointer finger back up the nostril it came out of and for good measure the other hand trails back down the rear end of her little fuchsia corduroy pants with the pink satin hearts on the back pockets. Adorable. Great. More whooping cough. More boogers. More e. coli. Thanks. I always need a little e. coli and a heart attack with lunch.

And here’s the real thing of it. The preschool where I work is on a lovely piece of land out in the country in a rustic home and it is truly magical. The beauty of the surroundings plus the organic home cooked lunches make it rather pricey. So the children attending have parents who let’s just saaaayyyyy, can afford it. And most of the mom’s are stay-at-home. So, if their child is sick enough to stay home the only thing that is interrupted, seriously, is yoga. And mayyyyybbbeeeee tea with the girls after reaching proper consciousness at yoga class. At other preschools where I’ve taught, a child’s sick day can cost a parent’s work day. That, I get. Other arrangements still must be made but…but in the current preschool…conjuring up stories (or, benefit of the doubt…a medical information error…) about how your child’s fluorescent snot is not contagious to get out of bringing your sick child home with you when only your yoga class will be disrupted??? Seriously. Moms. Seriously.

Oh, and more importantly so I am not the total naysayer…with warmest appreciation, I thank the moms and dads who keep their sick kids at home. They are learning how to care for themselves by watching you care for them!

So yes, I rant. I rant for the week’s pay I lost from BOTH jobs because those who send their children in sick.

Simultaneously, I make some decisions. I have to do something to make money. But accountability is key and this I know is true: children are not my thing; I can do without the germs and heart attacks.

What I do know is: for the rest of my life the very most important things for me to practice are writing, publishing, and performing poetry, listening, learning, reveling in silence as a form of communication as well as learning to choose words that matter when I speak, making connections, riding my bike, seeing the world, and being creative…thinking larger than my immediate horizons.

And also? I don’t do “kid” posts. This is the last one. You’ve got my word.

*(oh p.s. thanks to www.accessv.com/~shawgrp for the rockin’ 1980’s Rainbow Brite Image)


long for loose

19 Jul

Early to the appointment:
Enough time for tea
long for loose,
bags suffice

Lean over the silver electric kettle.
Sight of myself:
made convex by its rounded dome
audible rumblings within

Choose tea and scrutinize
distorted teapot reflection:
forehead, a shrunken comedic bulge
chin, an unrealistic recession

Tear packet
deliberately slow
decisive rip of fibers
giving way with satisfying ease
tea steeps and seeps into senses

Quotes on teabag tags:
like prizes
in boxes of cracker jacks or cocoa puffs:

Everything I did in my life
that was worthwhile
I caught hell for.

Yearning spreads fingers and
gathers what feels like my heart:
Let me out
of this stifling box or bubble,
I think,
to catch a little hell

Set down fear
just that easy
set it down, hesitation
an inert weapon,
no force. No threat
without a hand to hold it

an urge
to tear open each packet and
take wisdom like elixir
gulp answers to all that eludes
complete understanding

Dixie cup, reality enters:
cinnamon steam
reaches languidly
dog ears this reverie

The tiny face still peers at me
from the teapot:


thanks again, taqueria napkin…

7 Jul

dear taqueria napkin,

you have been sitting on my kitchen table since the fourth of july. unwavering in your duty, you have a fine dried crust of salsa, rings and blotches of coffee, an errant strand of cat hair, and three ideas for new blog posts scribbled hastily before they could fly from my mind. i feel…like you know me. thank you for being there when i needed you. i have since transcribed the ideas elsewhere and, while i feel nostalgic about our history… i don’t feel bad about what i’m about to do…because you, you big guy, are biodegradable. and you will decompose for the rest of your days in a distant landfill knowing your life’s purpose has been fulfilled. thanks again, taqueria napkin.



why it pays to read your e-mail more than once a month…

7 Jul

it pays to read your e-mail more than once a month. why? i’ll tell ya’ why!!!! because even if you are incredibly busy working and moving to siberia and caring for a chihuahua and a cat with fleas that grow bigger and stronger and more immune with every application of frontline or advantage or whatever it’s called and doing a stellar job of time management (albeit in ways unfamiliar and ineffective by most standards…) you could not only be missing out on notification that you are winning prizes but also be committing many a grave social faux pas along the way by simply not checking the old inbox and responding in a timely manner. i know this because it happened to me.

i checked my gmail account after one whole month of neglect. neglected because i got my godforsaken cast off of my arm, went back to work because i once again had two hands and could be useful there, then i had this hairbrain scheme to move at the very last minute…and while i say i moved to siberia…know that i might be exaggerating. okay. i am. i moved fifteen minutes away from the dump on the hill i wrote about two posts ago. but it took a long time. and god knows i have problems focusing.

yeah, so yesterday i won a prize from michelle rafter. michelle rafter!!! creator and organizer extraordinaire of wordcount blogathon. you sign up and in doing so the idea and and the challenge is that you’ll blog every day of may…i said the IDEA. concept. not necessarily reality for ALL people that sign up. that’s me, not gonna lie. i blogged, i think, six…maybe seven days out of may?

anyway, i log in…scroll through the fifty or so new e-mails gingerly sipping my hot coffee (even though i gave up coffee like, a month ago) when i see a few from michelle rafter telling me i’ve won a prize. and i think to myself, oooohhhh…sweet. it’s like gradeschool! all the people who didn’t quite make it will get some kind of little memento to commemorate their good try. maybe a little silky ribbon or something that says honorable mention. but no! this was the real freakin deal! i REALLY won a prize. I did. it is the one and only surprise #2 consolation prize and i am so freakin stoked i can’t even believe it. i never win anything. but i got a $25 gift card for amazon.com!!!

every stitch of me is serious when i say that not only did this make my day but it also inspired me to keep writing. so aside from celebrating how cool it is to win something, i also want to put out a big thank you to michelle rafter for creating and organizing the wordcount blogathon!!! also! thank you to all of the other participants who dropped by thrifty knee socks and had lovely encouraging words to share and many fascinating blog thoughts throughout the month of may and beyond! Best of luck in the coming year and see you all in may 2011.

if you are reading this and find yourself interested in more information, click the blue wordcount blogathon 2010 badge on the right hand side of my page (your screen) and it will take you where you need to go and give you info for next year.

thanks again!!!

Ugh! What did I say about discipline?!

8 May

I do believe, if I am properly quoting myself, that discipline would prove to be the trickiest part about posting every day.  And that focus might be a teence challenging.

Okay, but here’s why I haven’t written for the past, I don’t know, two…three days?  Well, it all started with a little innocent blog reading.  I read many.  I think I’ve already mentioned that.  I also think it might be rash at this point to call it an addiction.  I can stop anytime.  But let’s say it was and I had to pick one it would be Cupcakes and Cashmere.  And that’s where I’ve been.  It’s the most lovely blog blend of fashion, food, and how-to’s.  But it was Emily’s particular post, Golden Gate  that really got me wandering.  Aside from craving a quick road trip to San Francisco, here’s why:

Ahh, nostalgia.  Ahh, Ray LaMontagne.  Tell me this combination wouldn’t send you a little wayward.  Because then I had to You Tube like, every song of his in the world.  Quality control.  It’s been a long time since I listened to the guy and I had to make sure he sounds as good as he did last time.  He does.  But you don’t have to take my word for it.  Have a little Ray foray for yourself.

 And peruse Cupcakes and Cashmere.  I’ll try and keep myself posting regularly but I’m sure if you go on this little treasure hunt  it’ll be two or three days before you can tear yourself away from the delightfulness of both…possibly more.  Why not, before you go, take another little listen to Ray and remember on this delicious sun drenched Saturday that he’s not lying when he says, “You are the Best Thing”.  I know I needed to hear it!