unrequited bike

23 Jul

the alternate title to this post was, warning: never buy bikes from hoarders who sniff a lot. the other alternate title: listen to your gut. yet another: know something about what you’re buying. yeah, i could really go on and on…

soooo, the old french bike is gone, a short lived love affair. it wasn’t planned that way. we never plan it that way, do we? i bought her from this guy that lived on the same street i grew up on. a person is not honest by association. especially not association with a street you happened to live on growing up. his shadiness was apparent from the beginning, a rampant double-talker who would argue whatever side of the coin suited his sale. thinking it was no big whoop, i was just buying a bike from the guy, i ignored my doubt about his character. five things i should have paid attention to:

  1. his property was blanketed in unkempt, half finished projects.
  2. bikes, lawnmowers, tools, golf carts, etc.  littered everywhere in vast quantities.
  3. his dogs were covered in cysts and ticks.
  4. his incessant sniffing was reminiscent of people i used to know who enjoyed the snorting variety of narcotics…buuttt, never know. could be allergies…
  5. my own gut contorted when i spoke with him.

in my life, i attempt to veer from judgment as much as possible. but in general, anyone who doesn’t care for their property/home, their animals, or themselves (wherever the sniffing originated) is probably not going to maintain a bicycle. okay, so that’s my soapbox. in a nutshell, guy selling=untrustworthy.

long story short, after some debate he gave me my money back because he couldn’t fix it. tells me flippantly as he hands back the cash, don’t matter anyway. sniff…i  gotta gal in the city that’ll pay three twenty fer it. sniff. i congratulate him and take my money, relieved to be finished with the interaction. i go home to peruse craigslist and what do i find? he has the old french bike listed for twice the price, touting it’s perfection:

womans Motobecane Mixtee cute roadbike in like new condition – $240

selling a beautiful mixtee motobecane ten speed bike ,has new cables ,new tires .new tubes ,a new seat and brake pads the paint is pristine ,with no fading or rust this is one of the nicest vintage bikes of its kind around its is simply beautiful ,,no e mail just call #%*-0071, thank you ,,, a great bike and super value at 240 firm


um, yeah. liar, liar pants on fire!

lessons learned. at least i got my money back!


One Response to “unrequited bike”

  1. gonecycling July 24, 2010 at 1:35 am #

    That’s gotta hurt. Bicycles are about fun and honesty and truth; I’m incandescent on your behalf.

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