long for loose

19 Jul

Early to the appointment:
Enough time for tea
long for loose,
bags suffice

Lean over the silver electric kettle.
Sight of myself:
made convex by its rounded dome
audible rumblings within

Choose tea and scrutinize
distorted teapot reflection:
forehead, a shrunken comedic bulge
chin, an unrealistic recession

Tear packet
deliberately slow
decisive rip of fibers
giving way with satisfying ease
tea steeps and seeps into senses

Quotes on teabag tags:
like prizes
in boxes of cracker jacks or cocoa puffs:

Everything I did in my life
that was worthwhile
I caught hell for.

Yearning spreads fingers and
gathers what feels like my heart:
Let me out
of this stifling box or bubble,
I think,
to catch a little hell

Set down fear
just that easy
set it down, hesitation
an inert weapon,
no force. No threat
without a hand to hold it

an urge
to tear open each packet and
take wisdom like elixir
gulp answers to all that eludes
complete understanding

Dixie cup, reality enters:
cinnamon steam
reaches languidly
dog ears this reverie

The tiny face still peers at me
from the teapot:



2 Responses to “long for loose”

  1. gonecycling July 21, 2010 at 2:18 am #

    I really like this – beautifully observed and full of lovely sensory details. Signing up now.

    • heatherfrendo July 21, 2010 at 8:00 am #

      thank you for your feedback and for signing up! yay!

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