cankle support group or cankle pride?

17 Jul

i’m not from barbie’s clan. barbie and her kind have ankles. and their ankles are clearly distinguished from their calves.

i am of short, strong lineage. somewhere in the family tree is the gene for thick ankles. cankles. the place where calves and ankles diverge is not easily recognizable. now, this comes as no surprise. i’ve been aware of my cankles since the date of a friend pointed them out at freshmen, um, yeah…highschool freshmen homecoming…some twenty odd years ago.

i am most recently reminded of my cankles because i got a sweet  new old bike (that the guy at the bike shop told me in a light kind of way that i got ripped off in paying as much as i did…) and i’ve been riding to work. now, believe it or not, i’m not really an ankle exhibitionist. but with the right side pant leg rolled up so as not to catch it in the chain, i find myself wondering how severe my cankles really are and if anyone peers out of their vehicle to assess the girth of my exposed ankle. i mean, it’s a tough crowd out there. search google images for photos of cankles and some of hollywood’s women with teency ankles are captured and slapped with accusations of having nondistinguishable ankles. innocent barbie in the photo above was under investigation for possible cankles!

and it occurs to me, who are these cankle mongering connoisseurs? and what makes their prognosis stick? i’ll tell you who it is. anyone! and i’ll tell you what it is: the freedom to post your own theories. when before in history have so many gazillions of people had access to a worldwide public platform to publish thoughts, opinions, theories? anyone can be published. you can blog. you can self publish. for the actual writing faint of heart, you can twitter. you can post anything on the internet:

exhibit A

i am on the right hand side, my best friend who saves the world in her spare time is on the left. note my cankles. all of this analysis leaves me spinning. in the end, are we cankle support group or cankle pride?  (oh, p.s. the cankles to the left? aren’t mine.)


2 Responses to “cankle support group or cankle pride?”

  1. Chloe July 20, 2010 at 1:45 am #

    What an amazingly fun post! I probably found it so refreshing because I have cankles too – in fact, I apparently have legs like a tree trunk…ha ha. Have a great day! Chloe xx

    • heatherfrendo July 20, 2010 at 10:28 am #

      yay! cankle pride! after i posted it i pretty much heard crickets…so i thought that maybe my humor wasn’t amusing to anyone but me. glad you liked it chloe!

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