freakin’ lemmings…

13 Jul

lemmings. they are rumored to fling themselves off of cliffs in large stampedes. i live within the hope that we are not somehow related to them. i  read blogs today, as i usually do, and found myself stuck on the environmental flavored writings. and here is one thing i noticed:  there seems to be a widespread notion that change must begin in herds.

well meaning, eloquently written blogs about what “we all” must do to affect change; social, environmental, political…buuuutttt…persuading each and every citizen to subscribe all at once is…make believe.

may i suggest? read a little. read a lot. know that news is biased. “we all” live within our own perceptions based upon our own realities based upon our experiences, our families, our genetics, our limitations. even journalists. meaning? “we all” have versions of reality. i am suggesting (from my version) to you, as an individual, to figure out what fires you up. then other people might be interested. then they might join you. or be inspired by your fire and find their own spark.

i am ditching my car for a bike. i cringe at the island of plastic floating in our ocean and killing our seas especially now with the addition of the massive and constant gush of BP oil…sea life is screwed. so i’m cutting personal ties with fossil fuels for the environment and to cultivate hot, lean, strong legs (yeah, so that part is a little self-serving but, whaddya gonna do?). i am also bringing my own fabric bags to the grocery store to save paper. and choosing not to put my fruit and vegetables into plastic bags to stop waste that will never biodegrade and will smother some unsuspecting sea turtle. i’m one person. this fires me up. these are the choices i am making. oh, and by the way, i’m far from perfect or radical. i just believe in clean air, clean water, and good health.

in the end, i control myself. only. “we all” control ourselves. only. if i speak intelligibly to others about my actions when they wonder, perhaps they will be intrigued. perhaps not.  but, i am living within my own integrity by taking steps to preserve air, water, health and personal independence from companies that support convenience without sustainability.

that’s it. it’s that easy. no fear. just reality. join me if you like. i’d love to hear what in this world fires you up and what you will do!


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