riding my bike with my hair feathered like farrah

11 Jul

FACT# 1:  this is the sweetest freakin vintage motobecane i have ever laid eyes on and i purchased her today.

FACT# 2: i envisioned riding on her (it’s a “she-bike”) in a dress through a field of daisies; bike baskets overflowing with vegetables, books, and fresh cut flowers.

FACT# 3: it is only a matter of time before fact #2 comes to pass.

FACT #4: i am eating ben and jerry’s creme brulee ice cream. it is delicious. i feel it finding a cozy home on my butt as i speak…or write, i mean.

FACT #5: on our maiden voyage around the neighborhood, i felt the same freedom i felt at age 7 when i  pedaled around the cracked adobe bike trails behind the public school around the corner from my house. this is a long fact. because it is the final fact of the night. the breeze was also blowing in such a way and the moisture from the coastal fog made my bangs flip back in a thick  farrah fawcett feather as i secretly wished they would when i was 7. but my hair, to this day, i swear says, neener neener neener i’m not gonna curl in the singsong way that made me see red when i was a kid. but tonight, tonight? was different. my hair was feathered and sassy like farrah. thirty years too late. and, YA’ KNOW WHAT?!



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