8 Jul

yesterday…i signed up for NaNoWriMo. and, i’m eating a ham and swiss before bedtime at nearly midnight.  and, i wished eternal muteness on more than one customer at work tonight…but took it back almost as soon as i thought it.  wait a second. no, now i’m lying. tonight, it was actually more than one co-worker.  and i don’t think i took it back.  no.  i didn’t.

sometimes, i feel like i’m in a B rated movie when i’m working. and between the customers and my co-workers, i feel like i’m acting the part of the dreamer for the in your face, close up film montage, nightmare sequence where the actors say the same horrifying line over and over again until the camera cuts away to show me; a perspiring and clearly traumatized individual finally awakened from this terrible dream…

but. i. keep. dreaming…the terrible dream. and the camera never cuts away.  cut.  CUT!!!

okay. one example, and i promise to stop.  there’s this guy that works in the cheese department who whistled one day and i made the absolute mistake of telling him that my mom used to whistle that way for our dogs when she called them for their dinner…and now? NOW? he whistles like that if he’s walking behind me.  he whistles like that if he sees me across the store.  he intercoms my department to whistle. any sight of me produces the whistling.  the whistling. the whistling. the whistling. over…and over…and OVER. finally…tonight, walking out to my car…i heard…the whistle.  the f#@*ing whistle.

from where?  this, i do not know.  all i know… is i yelled. IF you whistle at me again…i’m going to beat the SHIT out of you.  sadly, i meant it.  does this make me a bad person? ugh. no. it just cracks my peace, this place.  and…it’s just…that…i fancy that i work with humans, not monkeys. and at the very least, i like to think i am working with other adults…who are capable of coherent conversation. so, it saddens me when levels of interaction plummet to…incessant and meaningless…whistling. whistling. whistling. whistling. the same tune. whistling. whistling. like water torture. whistling.

okay. done.  okay, no, one more thing.  i am really excited about NaNoWriMo…if you don’t know what it is–check it out!!! and, possibly…if you have a little extra cash lying around, or really like the idea of nonprofit writing and literary projects for children and adults: donate!!!


2 Responses to “confession…declaration?”

  1. OC July 10, 2010 at 5:12 pm #

    Interesting post. The instance mentioned in the third last paragraph is hilarious. Maybe irritation is what exactly he expects from you, maybe that’s why he’s encouraged to whistle more 😉 Try staying calm and indifferent for a change. 🙂

    • heatherfrendo July 10, 2010 at 6:11 pm #

      ah yes, calm and indifferent has been the name of the game all along…as well as not responding after the first dozen or so whistles. in my personal analysis, i reacted poorly. excuses? sure, i was tired and annoyed from a tiring and particularly annoying night at work. in the end, i reacted poorly. i’m a proponent of being direct; a straight request versus a threat of violence. thanks so much for stopping by and commenting with a helpful, grounded solution. enjoy your weekend! ~heather

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