why it pays to read your e-mail more than once a month…

7 Jul

it pays to read your e-mail more than once a month. why? i’ll tell ya’ why!!!! because even if you are incredibly busy working and moving to siberia and caring for a chihuahua and a cat with fleas that grow bigger and stronger and more immune with every application of frontline or advantage or whatever it’s called and doing a stellar job of time management (albeit in ways unfamiliar and ineffective by most standards…) you could not only be missing out on notification that you are winning prizes but also be committing many a grave social faux pas along the way by simply not checking the old inbox and responding in a timely manner. i know this because it happened to me.

i checked my gmail account after one whole month of neglect. neglected because i got my godforsaken cast off of my arm, went back to work because i once again had two hands and could be useful there, then i had this hairbrain scheme to move at the very last minute…and while i say i moved to siberia…know that i might be exaggerating. okay. i am. i moved fifteen minutes away from the dump on the hill i wrote about two posts ago. but it took a long time. and god knows i have problems focusing.

yeah, so yesterday i won a prize from michelle rafter. michelle rafter!!! creator and organizer extraordinaire of wordcount blogathon. you sign up and in doing so the idea and and the challenge is that you’ll blog every day of may…i said the IDEA. concept. not necessarily reality for ALL people that sign up. that’s me, not gonna lie. i blogged, i think, six…maybe seven days out of may?

anyway, i log in…scroll through the fifty or so new e-mails gingerly sipping my hot coffee (even though i gave up coffee like, a month ago) when i see a few from michelle rafter telling me i’ve won a prize. and i think to myself, oooohhhh…sweet. it’s like gradeschool! all the people who didn’t quite make it will get some kind of little memento to commemorate their good try. maybe a little silky ribbon or something that says honorable mention. but no! this was the real freakin deal! i REALLY won a prize. I did. it is the one and only surprise #2 consolation prize and i am so freakin stoked i can’t even believe it. i never win anything. but i got a $25 gift card for amazon.com!!!

every stitch of me is serious when i say that not only did this make my day but it also inspired me to keep writing. so aside from celebrating how cool it is to win something, i also want to put out a big thank you to michelle rafter for creating and organizing the wordcount blogathon!!! also! thank you to all of the other participants who dropped by thrifty knee socks and had lovely encouraging words to share and many fascinating blog thoughts throughout the month of may and beyond! Best of luck in the coming year and see you all in may 2011.

if you are reading this and find yourself interested in more information, click the blue wordcount blogathon 2010 badge on the right hand side of my page (your screen) and it will take you where you need to go and give you info for next year.

thanks again!!!


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